Thank you for taking the leap down the Rabbit Hole. I’m the Republic’s Rabbit, and I’m wordy as fuck.

This blog is for me to share my views on my various interests: South Africa, English, films, music, drinking, poetry, university cultures, satire, history, traveling, and pretty much carpeing diem, avoiding the real world while I still can.

I am a 23 year old South African graduate, selectively unemployed. I have been described as “delightfully grumpy” and I think this is an accurate summary of my outlook on life. My pieces are largely critical, creative, crass, cynical, and most importantly, correct.

There is an entire section dedicated to my  6 month sabbatical (from being fokken sick) to Scotland. The life and times of MacRabbit if you will. Bound to be some great stories, following the success of my previous, although far shorter, trip.

At present, I am covering the move to Joburg and the struggle of unemployment, all while trying to fit back into South Africa. Oh, and I can afford to drink a lot again.

I freelance as a language editor, but am searching for work as a copywriter, if you know of any employers that are looking to up their farmyard animal employee demographic, although I must admit to being a cis straight white male rabbit. That list is likely to grow as I learn more things I am supposed to be sorty for.

I am from a fairly shitty mining town in a province you never heard of, but went to high school in Pretoria and eventually university in Pretoria too. I graduated with a BA(Languages):Journalism, a BA(Hons):English, and even stuck around for a BA(Hons):Translation and Professional Writing, having dabbled in a bit of everything in the humanities faculty.

I was the State President of an old university residence, having spent 3 years on the executive council. This has been my greatest achievement so far, after getting you to read this far.

**Disclaimer: Most of the images I use were either taken by me, or poorly edited to make a basterdisation of the original so it’s not really their image anymore. However, if there is a particular part of an image that you like, feel free to comment or message me, and I’ll send you in the direction of the original artist.


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