A Sonnet of Ice and Fire

O how I miss my fav’rite Game of Thrones
A fantasy where others can’t compare
A distand world filled with incestuous moans
But funny crows comprise all their nightmares

I have my hopes since last time it had gone
Like Oberyn my mind be blown to bits
I’m sure Hodor’s increased his lexicon
And more, I’ll get to see Khaleesi’s tits

Now hark! Another Stark is put to rest!
A Nightwatchman’s innings come to an end?
For months, his death was put on ice. I guess
It’s what you get for your red-headed friend

My champ’ons are still killed off one by one
I guess the long winter hath fin’lly come.


In the spirit of the death of Shakespeare and the start of Game of Thrones season 6, I’ve made a Shakespearean sonnet about my anticipation. This is pre season 6.

The meter is mainly iambic pentameter, but keep in mind pronunciations and feminine rhyme. Not as good as masculine rhyme, but it’s ok. The rhyme scheme is pretty spot on.


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