Ice, Ice, Baby

Scotland is big into their sport, even though they may not be particularly good at it. Much like South Africans, they are a passionate bunch and this can often be the difference in sports a few fixtures. But the results do not always go their way. Obviously, football is massive here. The Scottish league seems … Continue reading Ice, Ice, Baby


Kiss Me, I’m Shit-faced

I've been trying to write a piece about the creatures you find on the bus and all this speaking about joining cultures that aren’t mine with reference to crude stereotypes, it was time for me to experience the first big event in Edinburgh (and hopefully the first one where I will remain still in Edinburgh): … Continue reading Kiss Me, I’m Shit-faced

O Flower of Scotland

Been a while but I’ve been busy. Real busy. Saturday was largely spent recovering until I got back to the flat to find police on the ground floor. I panicked, and played it as uncool as I ever had, hoping it had nothing to do with my previous Friday. It hadn’t, luckily, but I still … Continue reading O Flower of Scotland

I Walk the Line

Got lost on Leith Walk which is kind of a popular street leading to all the touristy places. Seems all the Scots need are take-aways, pubs, and haircuts as these are the only shops will ever find. The pubs are complete with British/Scottish names like "Dirty Dicks", the takeaways consist 90% of Gregg's (a shop … Continue reading I Walk the Line

Floating in the Most Peculiar Way

There have not been too many deborturous stories, but I suppose it was day one of the trip. Word to the wise: even if the airline you fly allows you a generous 30kg of luggage, do not tell this to your family. I am currently carting a gift mixture of cigarettes, Ghostpops, easter eggs, Zambuk, … Continue reading Floating in the Most Peculiar Way